Marianne Grønnow
Life in The Valley Was - Why Not Say It? - Beautiful
Acrylic on canvas
250 x 180 cm / approx. 98 ½ x 71 inches
The painting consists of two parts (separate canvases)

Marianne Grønnow lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Words about the work by the artist:

The title, Life in The Valley Was - Why Not Say It? - Beautiful, is from
a poem by the American poet Gaylord Brewer. The lines coming after
this in the poem indicate a disaster. This moment before distraction,
downfall, change, and transition has always inspired me. A moment
of tranquility before everything falls apart and takes new forms and

I was supposed to meet Gaylord Brewer at an artist residency in
Southern Spain back in 2000. However he never showed up. But his
poems did. And I read them during the stay.

The photograph is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.
Copyright: Marianne Grønnow