Paola Fonticoli
Acrylic on glass
20 x 25 cm / approx. 8 x 10 inches

Paola Fonticoli lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Excerpt from "The Universe in Two Dimensions"
by Claudio Cerritelli

When the surface calls, Paola Fonticoli does not respond literally, but
prefers to leave the images to outlive words. She means to startle the
viewer out of indifference, a pallid desire for art to be spectacle and not
vision, screenplay and not a trigger of the imagination.

This requirement urges the work to place forms in risky positions,
spatial hypotheses with no certainty, their character changing
according to their direction. The result is that the reading tends to lose
it's way, there is a sense of vertigo, of shifting fault lines and solid
reference points in the landscape disappear.

From the book: Paola Fonticoli—Praise of the Surface
Text by Claudio Cerritelli
Translated from Italian into English by Prem Olsen
Published by Edizioni disegnodiverso, Torino, Italy 2000

The text is reproduced with the kind permission of Claudio Cerritelli.

The photograph is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.
Copyright: Paola Fonticoli