Shoji Kato

Installation view


A Moment XI & XII (Pendulum and Locus)
Watercolor and mixed medium on cotton fabric
210 cm x 264 cm / approx. 82 ½ x 104 inches

Shoji Kato lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Words from the website:

A Moment is an abstract watercolor painting series which started in 2003. It is a manually
simulated image from details with no pre-composition.

I approach the image making in a certain way so that it creates and preserves each step of
the process itself "legible". There is no cancellation of the previous marks. And the creation
of the uncountable elements (often geometric) is improvisational which is based on the
process of finding niches in relation to the existing marks and given surrounding space and

I attempt to make the shapes in the most accurate way with my logical thinking, however,
along the chance and the chain of events, I need to wait for my calculation and logic to be
negated. The process lingers until the fragments are "dynamically" (not necessary physically)
connected and the temporal and spatial relationships are integrated as a pictorial field. The
span of the process is like a four-month performance piece with colors and shapes on the paper.

Perhaps it is the accumulated combination of my will to control and reaction to the given states
that uncontrollably exposes the image. As the negotiating process of 'body and logic', 'parts
and whole' and 'space and time' is recorded, the process turns into the composition at the end.

The photographs are reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.
Copyright: Shoji Kato