Tricia Tierney
Return from Journey
Collage using paper, acrylic and pastel
24 x 36 inches / approx. 61 x 91 cm

Tricia Tierney lives and works in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA.

Words about the work by the artist:

It was almost 2 years after returning to the United States after living and
working in the countries of former Yugoslavia. (June 1992- June 1996)
I remember setting up to work and thinking I would be capturing the peace
of home – and yet, what I see in this work, is torment. I was living with the
continued demons of war. A supposed peaceful scenario of a chair in front
of a fireplace – our home that should be cozy looks like a storm is blowing

Indeed, it was.

I still live in this house and sit by the fire. I wonder, so many years later,
how I would paint this scene now? I write instead of paint these days, but
perhaps I'll set myself up on a day with art supplies to discover what will
be revealed. I trust it would be the peaceful image I once hoped for – but
who knows? I've been writing my memoir and I've learned the
subconscious is a remarkable thing.

The photograph is reproduced with the kind permission of the artist.
Copyright: Tricia Tierney