The black and white photograph by
H Wilson Takada. The rest of the
photographs were taken by me in my
living room where I write.
A candle beneath green fluorescent
Rainbow dots with cherry flowers
and a palm tree.
A small stone sculpture, by my
, in the winter sunlight.
Mandevilla (the pink ones) and
Brazilian glory bush (the purple
ones) in mid-summer. Behind them
is a mountain cherry tree.
The winter sunlight. The view from
where I write. (My small removable
desk is hidden, being pushed back to
the right in its reserved place.)
Usually, my characters move around
the room, floating above the floor.
8. BIO

N. Togashi (Naomi Togashi) was
born and grew up in Kyoto, Japan.
She lives a quiet life in a house upon
a hill near some of the well-known
Buddhist temples in Kyoto. She
traveled to America in the early
1980s to earn her bachelor's degree
in art at California State University,
San Francisco, magna cum laude.
Naomi has produced many
exhibitions and art projects with
both internationally acclaimed and
emerging artists from America,
Europe, and Asia. These days she
devotes most of her time to writing.

Naomi is planning several sequels
to Wind Hill, including a memoir of
her experience writing these stories.
She strives to create stories that are
not only enjoyable to native English
speakers, but are also accessible to
non-native English speakers living
in foreign countries.