The Orthodox Version's primary aim is to present the story in
traditional prose. There are no colors or musical codes on the
pages. This would be the version to read if you felt uncomfortable
with Grocery List Writing.

A young girl with dirty blond hair lies still on a big bed. She is
Mary Dean, twenty-one. We are standing beside her bed. Her pale
face, covered in a brown flare, is the only thing you see on the big
white bed.
A native Peruvian housekeeper, in a green flare, sits on a chair
near the entrance. There is a knock on the door. She opens it.
The girls come in and surround Mary's bed. Soon we are walled
in by the girls. We move through the girls, who wear blue flares,
until we face their backs. Now we glance back and find Kane
leaning his back against the wall by the door.

I don't see the sick girl from here. But I hear the tall
girl's voice in a blue flare:
"Mary, look. We found someone to take care of you.
He's an American and speaks Spanish and everything.
And it's going to cost you only five dollars a day! Only
five bucks. Isn't that great?"