The Minimal Version is written entirely in third person, whereas
the rest of the versions are written in the voice of an invisible guide
and with the point of view shifting between first-, second-, and
third-person narrations. This version contains fewer descriptions
of flares, and has a story structure that is slightly different from the
rest of the versions. It works like a "skeleton" of the story, and is a
shorter novel.

On the outskirts of Miami, in a motel room, a young man lies
on his side, curled up on a blue bed.
The light on the nightstand illuminates his dark brown hair on
a blue pillow.
The man clasps the fluffy blanket tight with his left arm. He is having a dream of his childhood.   * * * * * A boy with dark brown hair bicycles on a street in a residential
area in Los Angeles. The boy in a black T-shirt and jeans hurries
toward his house.
The big house has a lawn in front and a two-car garage on the
The boy slows his bicycle. He sees a red convertible and a truck
parked on the street in front of his house.
Another truck is parked in the entryway. Movers unload a floor lamp and an armchair.